Album Identity


Client: MAK

Identity Deisgn 
Creative Strategy
Content Creation

Developed a cohesive project identity for marketing the release of MAK’s debut album Gravity. This is includes the conception of a consistant design language for cover designs and digital assets. In total the project consists of 4 original cover designs, 4 promotional animations, and a banner for Spotify.

MAK Spotify banner 

Fly Away promotional animation via Instagram 


Fly Away

Track 1.

Cover design and promotional animation for the intial LP single – “Fly Away.” The scene reflects the songs lyrical narrative of a romantic retreat. The palette pull hues from the synth wave design. The location in Mykonos was specifically selected by the artist as it was where he conceived the song.

Same Old You

Track 4.

Cover design for the second LP single – “Same Old You.” The saturated and high contrast pallete, integral to the MAK brand, illudes to seperation of day and night - light and dark. The backlit figure on the cloud’s horizon line rest gentally as a shadowy figure journeys in the opposite direction. The scene continues a surreal representation of MAK’s lryical narratives.


Track 2.

Cover design and promotinal animation for the thrid and final single – “Gravity.”



Final cover design for album itself – “Gravity.” 

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