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The phi symbol represents a unique ratio illustrating the proportions of everything from atoms to patterns in our universe. It is commonly referred to as the golden ratio, the fibonacci sequence, or divine proportion.

Phi Finder

Use this device to discover the recurring ratios and patterns found throughout nature.The united dimensions phi finder provides a quick and convenient reference for discovering this ratio through daily observation.


3.625” x 2.325” inches8.25” full hang + steel hardware
Laser cut and engraved fluorescent acrylicengraving: united dimensions 1.618033988749

Phi earrings
Full Hang + Hardware
2.25” x .875” Inches

Laser cut Fluorescent Acrylic.
Steel hardware.

Phi Beanie
Embroidered Phi symbol
“Limelight” exterior tag

Phi Beanie
Embroidered Phi symbol
“Limelight” exterior tag
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