United Dimensions x Cockpit USA – Flight Suit Prototype (Expedition 1)

United Dimensions

Identy + Product design + Content Creation

United Dimensions (UD) examines the convergence of science and spirituality through a multi-disciplinary design PRISM.

Expedition 1 
Citizens Program (CP)


Develop an aerospace inspired product line illustrating our shared humanity.

Product line

Earth Alliance


4” x 4” Inches
100% Embroidery
Iron & Sew On


The Earth, radiating colorful toroidal bands of magnetic energy, rests in the foreground of our expansive star-filled cosmos alongside the moon, a constant reminder of our universal inter- connectedness.

The green core, symbolic of the heart chakra, enclosed around the planets internal structure references the synergetic rela- tionship between mind and body.

Two olive branch leaves symbolizing peace and friendship, flow into Arabic text reading “Earth” followed by Hindi, Mandarin, English and Russian - the global regions with the largest aero- space agencies.

All compacted into an egg-shaped insignia reminding us of our fertility and fragility as a species amongst the stars.

Mars Space Unit


4” x 4” Inches
100% Embroidery
Iron & Sew On


Council of Saturn


4” x 4” Inches
100% Embroidery
Iron & Sew On


Citizens program


Performance Cap

“Limelight” embroidered
Citizens Program (CP) aerospace logo

Performance Beanie

“Limelight” embroidered
CP (Citizens Program) aero symbol



The phi symbol represents a unique ratio illustrating the proportions of everything from atoms to patterns in our universe. It is commonly referred to as the golden ratio, the fibonacci sequence, or divine proportion.

Phi Finder

This ratio is a recurring pattern found in nature that indicates a connection between our macro and microcosisms.  The UD Phi Finder provides a constant refernece to this unique ratio for a quick and convenient reference.


3.625” x 2.325” Inches
8.25” Full Hang + Steel Hardware

Laser cut and engraved fluorescent acrylic
Engraving: United Dimensions 1.618033988749

Phi earrings

Full Hang + Hardware
2.25” x .875” Inches

- Laser cut Fluorescent Acrylic
- Steel hardware


Phi Beanie (Snow)

Tonal embroidered Phi symbol 

“Limelight” exterior tag reading 
Confederation of Planets
Designed from the Source

Phi patch

2” x 2” Inches
100% Embroidered
Iron and sew on

Phi Sticker

1.5” x 3” Inches

Reflective Mirror sticker for gorilla marketing.

Plantable business card

2” x 3.5” inches

Our biodegradable eco-paper made with post-consumer materials (no trees) - embedded with wildflower seeds. When paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away.

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